Vogue 9348 ~ Another Tunic

I suppose this classifies as a tunic, but it’s the fabric that I really love this time around.


The pattern I used is Vogue 9348, a tunic with overlay options. I chose the plain version without overlay.



The top has “kimono” style sleeves, a slash front opening and a stand up collar, and the fabric is one of the January picks from Julie’s Swatch Club on FabricMartFabrics. The pattern was actually suggested in the picks mailer. Good choice! It’s a woven blouse weight crepe and I fell in love with the colour and print. Although crepe was not mentioned in the suggested fabrics, it was just perfect for this top. My thinking is that a non-drapey fabric would make this look awfully big …


I cut a size Large which is plenty big! Had I selected based on my bust size (an XL) I would have been swimming in this! Stitching it up was simple except for two things: the fabric shrunk when I applied the fusible interfacing, and there is a pattern error – an omission in the pattern instructions. Nowhere do they tell you how to actually join the two cuff pieces (cuff and cuff facing) so I just proceeded as I usually do:

  • Stitched the side seams of cuff and cuff facing
  • Turned under 5/8″ on the notched edge of cuff facing & pressed
  • Stitched together the cuff and cuff facing on the long unnotched edge
  • Stitched the cuff to the sleeve, matching notches, then trimmed, turned, etc. as per the instructions.

The conclusion? I like this top, especially because of the fabric used. The crepe drapes beautifully so the top hangs really nicely from the shoulders. There is a bit of creasing at the armscye but I suspect this is what happens with this style of sleeve. If I make this again I will shorten the sleeves about 3/4″, and I will also slim the sleeves because they’re quite voluminous.!

The hem was finished by hand. This fabric bounces back so it wouldn’t hold a press which would have made the hem a mess had I stitched it on a machine.

There are photos below and I’ve posted a review on my Youtube channel. It’s not long, about 5 minutes, and it expands on a few things. Plus you can see the fabric and how the top actually hangs on me. Since this was so drapey, I thought it would be nice to show the movement of the fabric.

Bottom line – I like the pattern. It fit me well, it went together easily, and it doesn’t slide back at the neck. I’ll make it again!


I would love to hear your comments and impressions on using YouTube videos in blog posts! Most of my YouTube videos cover more than one project, but a single pattern review was fun and fast to make up.

4 thoughts on “Vogue 9348 ~ Another Tunic

  1. Janine, you know, of course, that the best thing to do is to just go back and adjust the sleeves to your liking now! It would look better and you will enjoy wearing it more. Otherwise, it is very pretty and looks good on you!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! Now that I’ve worn it twice, I think I’ll make a date with my seam ripper & unpick the seams. The length bothers me more than anything. They feel a bit unruly.


  2. Really pretty top. Definitely your colors. I agree with you on the sleeves. Do you have a deep enough hem on the sleeve to turn it back and make a cuff? That would make them shorter and add another design detail. This is one you should make again, it looks really nice on you.


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