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These shops and sites are saved on my bookmarks bar.

Unless specifically noted, I am not a representative of any of these companies. I do not participate in any affiliate programs. I won’t get a discount or credit or commission if you click on any of these links.

These are companies/websites/places I visit. And I like to support small businesses. πŸ›

Updated April 30, 2022

Photo taken in front of the Sew Over It brick & mortar store on Essex Road in London (SOI is currently online only)


Fabric Mart Fabrics
Shop open in Sinking Spring, PA, USA
You never know what you’ll find! Fabric Mart gets a bit of everything and much of their fabric is deadstock or close-out so the prices are excellent. If you don’t find what you want, check back in a day or two!
There’s a website plus a retail store in Sinking Spring, PA.
(Note: I am a Fabric Mart Fabricista and write for their blog.)
Wawak (aka Cleaner Supply)
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ site
I buy zippers, large spools of thread, tracing paper and other notions from Wawak.
This link is to Wawak’s CANADIAN site. The U.S. site is at
Fashion Fabric SupplyIf you want really nice interfacing, this is the place to go. They have very good quality interfacing for specific needs.
Ray-StitchLocated in Islington (London), Ray-Stitch has an excellent selection of natural fibre fabrics, notions and patterns. In particular, they have plenty of bamboo knits and ribbing.
Pamela’s PatternsI’ve reviewed Pamela Leggett’s patterns in various posts so won’t repeat that info here. Pamela sells her patterns on her website (and also at Fabric Mart). She also has a great selection of notions including a personal favourite, Sewkeys E Stay Tape.
Out of Hand Quilting
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ brick & mortar + online
Shop open in Calgary
πŸ†• Charming shop in southwest Calgary. It’s a quilting store but they have a selection of very nice garment fabric (Liberty of London Tana Cotton Lawn, canvas for jackets, some knits, woollens) and a huge array of notions. Plus they stock some indie patterns. They offer classes when current regulations permit.
Olga’s Fabric Lane
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ brick & mortar
Shop open in Calgary
When I go home to Calgary I always stop at Olga’s Fabric Lane and undoubtedly buy some fabric. Ingrid, the proprietor, stocks a lot of bridal and special occasion fabric but she also gets a lovely selection of interesting fabrics. If you’re not in the area, she will send pictures to help you envision fabrics.
Sew Over ItLisa Comfort’s brick and mortar shop in Islington (London) has sadly closed but when it was open I always came home with a good sized bag of fabric after visiting. SOI is now focusing on online sales plus they have really amped up their patterns and are offering online classes and videos.
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ online + in-person classes
Pattern Printing
πŸ†• Deb provides pattern printing service plus sewing classes. Patterns can be picked up in deep SW Calgary or shipped. She’s fast!
My Sewing Room
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ brick & mortar + online
Shop open in Calgary
πŸ†• Enormous brick & mortar sewing store in the south end of Calgary. They have recently added an online presence. Mostly quilting fabrics and supplies (and the selection is enormous) but they also have some garment fabric. Plenty of sewing machines.
They have 3 in-store technicians for repairs. I had my Brother machine serviced in their shop and the technicians were fast and friendly.
Rick Rack Textiles
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ brick & mortar + online
Shop open in Calgary
πŸ†• Rick Rack recently (December 2021) opened a much expanded store in Calgary off of Blackfoot Trail. It is RIGHT on my route home, at a light, so super easy to access (dangerous for me!). Rick Rack offers beautiful quality garment (and some quilting) fabrics plus notions, patterns and sewing magazines. Brands sold include Atelier Brunette, Liberty, Art Gallery plus many others. They sell interesting fabrics like barkcloth, canvas and stuff that is suitable for outdoor wear.

Online Communities

TopStitch MakersTopStitch Makers is an online community for sewists. There’s a focus on learning and with your membership ($4.95US/month) you have access to plenty of live online and recorded classes and regular sewing socials (Sip & Sew, anyone?) There are also sewing forums where you can socialize with other sewists and ask questions. Forum chat is definitely focused on sewing so if you’re trying to avoid the craziness of the world, this is the place to be!
Pattern ReviewPattern Review is an online community for sewists with hundreds of thousands of members. Members post reviews of patterns, machines, notions and stores. There are also forums that discuss everything from how to best insert a zipper to baking bread. There are free and pay membership options.
Instagram | Sew Over 50On Instagram there is a thriving community for those over aged 50 (young’uns are welcome, too!) to post their makes and share successes and questions. Follow @SewOver50 and #sewover50 for posts.
If you’re an Instagram novice, this group also offers the best Instagram lessons. I swear Judith and Sandy (the leaders) know more about Instagram and most 20 year olds!
(Note, I am a guest editor for this group)


Deer & Doe Patterns Understanding Fabric WeightsThis is my go-to guide when trying to select an appropriate fabric weight – especially if ordering fabric online. Info is given in gsm (grams per square metre) and also converted to ounces. Quite helpfully, they offer examples using fabric brands (Liberty of London Tana Cotton Lawn, Atelier Brunette French Terry).
Schmetz Needles GuideI have a Schmetz Pocket Guide (link here) in my sewing table and it’s amazingly helpful.
Schmetz also has other reference materials on their website.
Alexandra Morgan TutorialsAlexandra Morgan offers several excellent tutorials on her website. I have referred to the high-rounded back adjustment many times.
Colette Patterns Pants Fitting CheatsheetUgh … pants fitting … this page offers tips on what various creases, smiles, pulls mean.
Cashmerette Patterns Gaping Neckline AdjustmentI’ve just tried this adjustment on a top was way too large on the upper chest and it is a great fix! Best to try this with a toile first.

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