Swoon Patterns Gatherer Egg Apron

A few weeks ago I spent time at a conference with a good friend. She pulled out her phone and showed me a couple of pictures of the eggs she had collected from her newly acquired chickens. It was serendipitous when about 2 days later Swoon Patterns sent out an email advertising their new apron …

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Butterick 6331 ~ Wearable Pants!

Butterick 6331 ~ Wearable Pants!

There are a couple of things on my ‘I’m scared to sew’ list, and one is pants (aka trousers). Not sack-of-potatoes pull-up pants, but actual adult trousers with a waistband, zipper and shape. I’ve made 2 pairs of pants in the past, neither successfully. G called the last pair clown pants.

But alas, the ready to wear fast meant that I had to learn how to make pants, or suffer with the same pair of Ann Taylor black pants that have been worn to death over the last 6 years.

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