Keeping Track of Sewing Resources

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by the sewing resources they’ve collected? Books, magazines, tv shows, blogs, vlogs, webpages … it’s impossible to keep track!

When we moved last summer I ditched (not to the landfill – all were donated!) about a hundred magazines plus a couple of boxes of books and instructional info from sewing events. My reasoning was that most of the things I referred to were online – so why take up real estate with a bookcase full of stuff I never used!

The top shelf is the entirety of my hard-copy sewing library. The bottom shelf is mostly books I use for work.

But I’ve found that I waste a lot of time searching through pages bookmarked on three different computers, or searching for post-its that are inevitably stuffed into a drawer or stuck to a pattern envelope. I was losing valuable time looking for the same information over and over. Compounding the search time was my bad habit of going down rabbit holes – so what would start with an intention to spend a couple of minutes quickly looking at a tutorial would wind up as at least 45-minutes online staring at a screen with my mouth open.

For my own benefit, I decided to record everything in one place – here in my blog. I’ve added a page – My Sewing Resource List – and that’s where I’ll record links to resources that I want to keep track of. Specifically, I’m noting tutorials, guides, informational blogs, and retail stores. This is going to be a living document so it will be updated as I find new resources. If you have resources that you love, please share with me – especially tutorials and learning guides. The retail list includes stores where I spend my money … 🛍

I’m also starting to keep track of free patterns and will be adding to that list. I’ll note if I have used the pattern and my results. If a pattern is a dud, I’ll definitely make a note!

Click on the links on the bar above ⬆to access either of these lists. And let me know if this is helpful to you!