So you want to know about me …

Three year old girl standing in front of a travel trailer and wearing a white printed dress made for her by her mother.

About Me

I’m over 50 and I sew clothes for me

My mom introduced me to sewing and then in junior high school I learned how to sew a frog stuffed with dried beans and a smock top. I did sew in my teens and twenties but my sewing signature style was definitely simple things made poorly 😁.

I started sewing again in 2015 and it’s become my main recreational/creative pursuit.

I’ve learned so much from YouTube videos, bloggers and all the creativity on Instagram. And honest to God, had it not been for the sewing community, the ongoing never-ending pandemic would have been pretty hellacious – even for an ardent introvert like me.

I post makes either here or on my YouTube channel. My videos are usually pretty short (under 15 minutes) and I just talk about sewing and occasionally have a cat drop by.

Hope you’ll follow along on my sewing journey.

My Sewing Focus for 2022

  • Garments that flatter a body that isn’t a sample size
  • Wearing styes & colours that reflect ME
  • Clothes for a hybrid work environment – looking professional and stylish but not staid
  • Attempting to be stylish …
  • Looking like I put some effort into my apparel
  • New Skills: Welt Pockets!!!!
  • Sewing the Good Stuff