So you want to know about me …

About Me

I’m over 50 and I sew clothes for me

My mom sewed most of the clothes for my two sisters and me so I learned the basics of sewing from her. (That picture on the left is me at about age 3 in a very stylish dress made for me by my mom. Notice how the socks bring out the green in the print on the dress? Already so stylish 😜) In junior high school I learned how to sew a frog stuffed with dried beans and a smock top. I did sew occasionally in my teens and twenties but I was absolutely not one of those people who was sewing their own lined three-piece power suits.  My sewing theme was definitely simple things made poorly – LOL.

I started sewing again in 2015 when two things happened: I decided I needed a creative outlet and I read  Marie Kondo’s book.  I couldn’t find clothes that I loved in stores and I had carried around a sewing machine for decades. The two seemed to go together well.  Since then, I’ve spent almost no time shopping in clothing stores and spend a lot of time either sewing, thinking about sewing or chatting about sewing online.

Had I not found the wide world of sewing on the internet I don’t think I’d have stuck with it because this is a rather solitary pursuit. I’ve learned so much from YouTube videos, bloggers and seeing all the creativity on Instagram. And honest to God, had it not been for the sewing community, the ongoing pandemic would have been pretty hellacious.  Even the most ardent introvert like me needs a community!

Depending on the project I will either post something here on the blog or I’ll post a YouTube video. If you don’t mind listening to me babble (with my Canadian 🇨🇦 accent!), please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I tend to post relatively short videos (under 15 minutes) and I just talk about sewing with the occasional cat visitor.

Hope you’ll follow along on my sewing journey.

My Sewing Focus
  • Garments that flatter a body that isn’t a sample size
  • Clothes that are stylish but not slavishly following trends
  • Looking like I put some effort into my apparel
  • Wearing styles & colours that reflect ME