McCalls 7360 ~Another Tunic


I’ve got a thing about tunics. I’m casting a more critical eye on my wardrobe, and the simple, casual lines of a tunic work over skirts or pants. I found McCall’s 7360 earlier this year and was drawn to it because of the henley collar. It’s designed for wovens, which is a rarity because I generally think of knits for henleys. 


On this particular pattern, I also liked the 2-piece sleeve, and a back yoke that allows more options for easy fitting.

A note about the pattern. Online the description says this top features “French darts”. There are bust darts, but not French darts …


I used a cotton lawn by a  “famous Hawaiian fabric designer”  that was offered in Julie’s Picks from earlier this year. I actually bought it because I thought the dear husband may have wanted a shirt from it, but he wrinkled up his nose when he saw it so I kept it for myself. The fabric is nice – not all fancy like a Tana Lawn from Liberty, but it has a bit of sheen and feels nice against the skin. It also handled the pre-wash very well (no ironing!) and was easy to work with. I’d buy this fabric again!

Sewing Notes

Small happy dance because I made a smaller size than most recent makes because I’m very slowly losing some weight, and after looking at my makes on video, it became clear that I’m making things in a bigger size than I would select were the garment in RTW. So I decided to cut a smaller size on this (an 18) and so a very lazy person’s FBA (moved the dart down to the ‘appropriate’ place and added about 1/2″ to the side of the front only in the bust area). Yes – very lazy. But it worked and I think this fits well.

I left off the bust pockets. I don’t need any more attention on my bust, thanks. I also stitched on the tabs used to roll up the sleeves but didn’t add the buttons because it’s just not a look I like. Don’t ask me why I added the tabs …

The pattern is straightforward and the instructions are perfectly acceptable. When I was at JoAnn on Black Friday (and had a super coupon) I picked up an edge stitching foot for my Brother machine and I put it to good use on the front placket, the collar and the cuffs. No hand stitching!

For the sleeve heads and cuffs, I crimped instead of gathering. At the ASG Sewing Bee in September, one of the ladies walked me through it and I finally had a chance to use this technique. I also created a video to share with the ASG group and once it’s posted I’ll update this blog post with the link to the video on my YouTube channel. Crimping is WAY more fun that basting and pulling threads. It’s a bit addictive!

There’s really only one issue with this pattern … the front placket is REALLY low. It definitely needs buttons unless you’re planning to wear this top over a t-shirt or tank.


I’m happy with this top and think it will get a fair bit of wear this winter. Lesson: go with the smaller size. This fits – it doesn’t swallow me like some of my makes. Sure, the shoulders are still a bit too wide, but it doesn’t look oversized. 

I recommend this pattern if you want a woven henley-style top. Part of me thinks that my closet has enough tunics (yes, seriously) but this was a fast make and with the addition of the edge-stitching foot to my accessories drawer, there was no hand stitching! 

More thought: After wearing the top for a full day at work I’m not sure I’ll make another, or that this will even be a long term keeper. I liked this pattern for the Henley collar, but it felt stiff on my neck. Maybe that’s why most henleys are made on knit fabric?

From this angle I can see that the back is just a wee bit too small. There’s a big crease coming down the side. SOLUTION: Lose a few pounds, or next time add just a smidge to the back section. I like the former better …
Bonus of sewing your own tops – no gaping!

4 thoughts on “McCalls 7360 ~Another Tunic

  1. Well that is a super top – thanks for sharing! I envy you of your ASG group. I used to be a member of ASG but as I live in Savannah and there are no groups in this area (the nearest ones are either Macon or Jacksonville!), I let my membership drop. Perhaps I should look into rejoining and making a trek to Atlanta now and then?


    1. Rebecca, thanks for your nice words 🙂 It is great to have an ASG chapter nearby – I’ve learned so much by being around people with way more experience. Would love to see you at an Atlanta event! You don’t even need to join to attend the chapter events or classes because non-members are always welcome. Let me add a full disclosure here – I’m president of our chapter in 2019 so maybe I’m a bit biased?


  2. It looks great on you! Maybe the stiff collar issue could be solved by using a soft fabric for facing? Or, maybe use a different kind interfacing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, and this is a very good suggestion! Earlier this year I finally invested in some good quality interfacing but for this one I just grabbed whatever was around from my old stash. Next time I’ll look more closely.


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