Butterick 6463

Recently I discovered The Monthly Stitch. It’s a collective of blogging sewists, and each month a challenge is posted. The April Challenge was to let Miss Bossy choose our next sewing project. Here’s a link to the post where I asked for Miss Bossy’s feedback. In case you didn’t read the first post, Miss Bossy is y’all.

img_0345With  42% of the of total 90 votes cast, Butterick 6463 was the winner.  I bought this pattern a couple of years ago  because I’m a sucker for anything coral, and I was seduced by the idea of a peplum.  Anyway, it languished in spite of suitable fabric and all of the notions waiting. Why didn’t I make it? Probably because I figured the peplum would only draw attention to my tree trunk shaped midriff. The verdict is out on a peplum.  Let me know what you think after viewing the photos.


The Fabric

I had something suitable in my stash, but decided it wasn’t quite right so found a polyester crepe at Hobby Lobby. I love the colour – the bolt called it sage but I think it’s more of a teal. The pinks in the flowers match some of my other Spring fabrics, and the grey will work with jacket and pants sewn earlier this year.

Sewing Notes

After measuring the pattern pieces I decided to cut an 18 and do a pivot. I added 2″ to the bust and angled out towards the waist thus increasing the waist by about 2 1/2″. The hip measurement didn’t matter because of the peplum. There are separate front and back facings and surprise, surprise, I remembered to alter them. This is what happens when you don’t have a glass of wine beside you while you’re cutting 😉 My peplum measurements weren’t perfect but that was easily remedied, although don’t look too closely at the seam alignment!

The pattern goes together quickly but there is a head scratcher when you attach the back tab and ties. I don’t know if I interpreted the instructions correctly, but here’s what I did:

First, stitched, pressed, trimmed and turned the tie.

img_0273Second, basted the tab

img_0275Third, gathered the tab and the tie to be the same length as the markings on the back of the garment.

A5EFD367-41E5-437C-8403-7AA0CF56FFAAFourth, and here’s where it wasn’t clear. I placed the unfinished edges of the tab and tie WITHIN the back dart. Then I stitched up the dart. The ends of the tab and tie are enclosed within the dart.

Once I got through that it was just a matter of attaching the peplum, adding the zipper, and finishing the hem on the peplum. The zipper isn’t perfectly installed, but I think it’s quite good given how the polyester moved


I like the shaping and style of the top, and the fabric seems just right. Does it seem like the body is shorter on me than it was on the model?

I’m really glad that I was pushed to make this top. I’m trying to develop a more professional work wardrobe and this fits the bill. Best things? Bra straps don’t show, and the waist is forgiving so it’s a good choice for dinners out when dessert is a requirement, not an option 😉 if I make it again, and I likely will because I have suitable fabric, I’ll add some ease to the bodice.


6 thoughts on “Butterick 6463

  1. Really really cute! And you did a fantastic job. The dart/tie belt thing probably would have made me toss the project into my UFO pile! LOL! Wow! Well done! You are on your way to a professional wardrobe look!

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  2. I love your top! (And I love dessert. A little too much.) This fabric is so pretty, what a surprise that it came from Hobby Lobby. The only HL I’ve ever been in seemed to have only quilting cottons. This top is so feminine and the lines are very flattering. It’s a winner! Beautiful work.

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    1. Thank you! My HL has some really nice garment fabrics. They’re a bit hidden so it may be worth doing a search. I picked up a pink chambray the same day, just need to decide what to do with it!


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