2018 Plans and Commitments

We’re a third of the way through the first month of the new year and I have yet to sew anything for me.

And that’s actually a good thing. Amongst my goals for this year is to be more mindful in my sewing. Not to sew just because I have fabric or pattern in my stash, but to make conscious decisions about what I make. Then when I am working on a project, to devote my attention to the task at hand so it’s done to the very best of my ability. Not rushing to finish something for a contest (that I’ll never win).

All of this is important because I’m not shopping for clothes in 2018. Anything I acquire will be made by me. The sewing part isn’t daunting, but I am concerned that there are things I need that I won’t be able to make well. Hence the ‘focus’ and ‘not rushing’ goals.

My no shopping vow is part of a broader community spearheaded by blogger Goodbye Valentino. There are about 1,000 people participating in the challenge, and yes, it is a contest but I’m not doing it for the prizes (although they will be graciously accepted!), I’m doing it to improve my sewing skills and fill my closet with things I love. The fact that the process of sewing brings me great joy helps.

As I mentally prepared for the RTW Fast, I had to ponder how I would get through the year. Before I read Marie Kondo’s book, clothes shopping was a weekly activity. I like new clothes, I want things that are stylish, and even though I haven’t acquired as much in the last 2 1/2 years, that doesn’t mean that I had stopped shopping. Instead, I spent more time sourcing fewer items, and I would buy better quality. This year I need to be more thoughtful because of the lead time needed to actually make wonderful things. So I used my fresh new planner to write down my starting thoughts:

  • What do I or will I need? (replacing worn items or things that don’t fit plus filling major gaps in the wardrobe)
  • What would make me feel good/bring joy (new styles, hopefully smaller sizes)
  • Taking time on things that stretch my skills (lining!)
  • Allowing myself to make some fun/novelty things to replace the inexpensive stuff from mass discount stores

This week I’ve taken stock of my small fabric stash and honestly, there isn’t much to inspire me, but I’ve got what it takes to start 2 of the following 3 projects, so these will be first up:

  1. A dressing gown/robe (I am sick sick sick of the 8-year old leopard print in my closet)
  2. Workout top & capris – time to learn the double sided cover stitch
  3. It’s been so cold that I want another warm top and I have the perfect pattern by Lisette. On Saturday I’ll head down to Decatur to find some French terry.

The ultimate goal for the year is to make beautiful things that I need and will love. For me, this whole process is not about a full closet.

If you’re interested in what is piquing my interest in the stores, I’ve created a Pinterest board for Snoop Shopping.

What are your sewing goals for 2018?



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