The Maven Patterns French Dart Dress

Two years ago I bought the French Dart Dress pattern by Maven patterns and it hung on my vision board just waiting for the right occasion, which turned out to be Atlanta Frocktails.

The French Dart Pattern by Maven is a shift dress with rolled/funnel collar, french darts in the front and fisheye darts in the back. And pockets!

It’s a classic.

I keep buying dress patterns but sew separates, however, this summer I had really good luck with a couple of simple dresses and more than that, I have finally reached a point in my life where I don’t care that my legs are far from my best asset. I like dresses. They’re comfortable, they’re versatile and they make dressing easy in the morning. Dress, tights, shoes and you’re out the door!


When I went home to Calgary in October I had already decided to use this pattern, and I’d looked online for fabric that matched the image in my head. Mom and I headed over to Olga’s Fabric Lane because I thought I may find the right fabric there. Ingrid, the proprietress steered me toward this highly textured stretch cotton. When I saw the bolt I thought it would make a great jacket but Ingrid was insistent that it would be right for this dress so I took her advice and bought 2 metres. (Actually, mom bought it for me as an early Christmas present 🙂 )

Just a note about my mentions … I like to mention where I buy fabric and the patterns I use but I am not affiliated with anyone nor do I receive any discounts or freebies. If that ever changes, I will post disclaimers.


This pattern goes up to a UK 18 which is a bit optimistic for me so I made up a toile with slightly wider seam allowances. I wound up making two adjustments; deepening the back fisheye darts at the center to account for my swayback, and lengthening the dress by 2″. Once I was satisfied with the fitting I cut the fabric and sewed.

As it turns out, I didn’t need the wider seam allowances because the fabric stretched enough to provide sufficient ease. Next time I make this I will do a high rounded back adjustment because I could use a bit more ease in the upper back for when I move my arms. This fabric is stretchy enough that the dress is comfortable, but it definitely wouldn’t be a great fit in a regular woven.

And this is another easy pattern … front, back, pockets, sleeves and collar. I seem to have a knack of finding the easy ones!

I wore the dress to Atlanta Frocktails and felt completely comfortable and appropriate. Depending on the fabric selected, this pattern could take you from a backyard barbeque to work to a wedding. Great pattern … highly recommend!


Atlanta Frocktails was a blast! If you haven’t heard of or attended a frocktails event, it’s a cocktail party where everyone wears something they made. So it’s really a cocktail party for those who sew. The event here in Atlanta was on a Saturday night in a trendy part of town, and it sold out with over 100 in attendance. I’ve got a bit of video of the event and my dress on my YouTube channel so if you’re curious you’re welcome to head on over there.

If you have the chance to go to a frocktails event, go! Everyone speaks sewing so even if you’re a bit shy you’ll be in good company.

6 thoughts on “The Maven Patterns French Dart Dress

  1. Looks great. I’ve almost finished one in cotton flanelette. Definitely more homely than Frocktails but snuggly for winter. I’ll feel like I’m going out in my pyjamas but won’t look like it.

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