New Look 6530 – Hidden Gem

If you’re looking for a quick and stylish autumn or winter top, keep reading.


new-look-knit-separates-pattern-6530-envelope-frontNew Look 6530 is a coordinates pattern designed for knits – top, skirt, pants. The top caught my eye for a couple of reasons: it’s a knit, with a funnel neck and interesting asymmetrical hem. This style of collar with its wide neck opening is pretty much universally flattering. And good for cooler weather.


Cotton Jersey … well, 2 cotton jerseys. For the initial attempt, I used maize with white dots that was purchased at Hobby Lobby. The fabric is relatively lightweight, but not tissue weight. It’s suitable for a top.

For the second attempt, I used an Art Gallery Stretch Cotton from Topstitch Studio and Lounge here in Atlanta. I’ve said it before, Art Gallery knits are my very fav for t-shirts and pullover tops. This fabric doesn’t cling – it’s medium weight with a fair bit of body.

Sewing Notes

For my first effort, I made the sleeveless version. I liked the maize colour, which seemed to fit with the, “it’s almost fall, y’all” vibe in early September when I bought the pattern.

This is the second sleeveless top I’ve made from a New Look pattern and the armscye fits perfectly. No gaping, not too big, not too small. I don’t know if I’ve been lucky enough to pick patterns drafted by certain New Look designers, but I will certainly check out New Look’s patterns first when I next need a sleeveless top.

When I made up the first version I measured and moved the bust apex lower, which wasn’t necessary at all. So I unpicked the dart and moved it back to the original location.

Lesson:  If you’re young and perky, you may need to raise the bust apex for the darts.

Pattern Correction: The pattern instructions do not indicate that the edges of the arm facings need to be finished so when you make this up, edge finish or serge the edges for a neater look.

I left off the tabs on the side of the top as I didn’t think they’ll work well with the jersey fabric. The tabs aren’t necessary, and would probably be more effective if you use a fabric that isn’t as stretchy as a cotton jersey. I don’t know exactly what they used for the photos on the pattern envelope, but it looks like it isn’t as stretchy as a jersey.

2lWjCgfPSgqV7g0hLiN0QQVersion 2 has long sleeves, however, I left off the contrasting cuff and instead left the sleeves about 3/4 length.

I used my serger to finish the neck edge and the band except at the high end of the band where you pivot. If you have a serger, this is a pretty darned quick project.


I really like both of these tops.

The lighter weight (maize) jersey worked fine, however, I think if I use this weight of fabric again I will add some ease at the waist and hips so the top doesn’t grab my waistline as much. I’m not comfortable with fabric grabbing at my belly the way this one does, so it will likely be worn under a jacket. Or maybe after I lose 10 pounds.

The Art Gallery knit was perfect. It has enough weight to hang properly and doesn’t cling to all my bumps.

I make a lot of t-shirts, and this feels like a t-shirt but the collar and asymmetrical band add some pizazz to an otherwise basic top. If you’re looking for a quick make for cooler weather – make this! Maybe I’ve found the right pattern for the stretch velvet in the stash. What do you think?



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