New Look 6340 : Buffet Dress

Years ago our wardrobes included something we in Calgary termed “buffet pants.” Drapy evening pants with elastic in the back of the waist and plenty of gathers. We thought they looked “elegant” with a pair of high heels and a black sweater. The key benefit of the style was that they were comfortable no matter how many times you visited the chocolate fountain. In homage to buffet pants everywhere, I give you my buffet dress.

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New Look Cape

New Look Cape

In 2015 I bought some really beautiful 100% pure virgin wool in the perfect shade of grey. The fabric was expensive – the most expensive I’ve ever purchased, so I really hesitated when deciding how much to buy. I knew it would be perfect for a winter jacket, but didn’t have a pattern or an inkling of an idea so I bought 2 metres, thinking that would be enough for a jacket, like a short pea-coat or something.

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