Wardrobe Contest Follow-Up

High-fiving myself because I actually completed this commitment!


Pattern Review’s Wardrobe Contest ends tomorrow, and of the approximately 115 who have signed up for the contest about 25 have completed and submitted their entries. I’m happy to be one of the entrants.

I am not going to write blog posts on each item, at least not right now. A couple of items need a re-do so maybe they’ll appear here later.



For the topper/cardigan I went with Simplicity 8377. This is one of the pattern ‘hacking’ patterns with several different options for a sweater or lightweight jacket. I chose the mid-length jacket with pleat in the back, and my intention was to wear this with a belt. I’m not so sure about the belt.


The jacket has a pleat in the back, but I wound up stitching it down several inches because it wouldn’t lie flat. Ponte doesn’t like to cooperate when you try to press it.


This jacket is unlined and I could have just left the seams raw inside, however, this was the perfect opportunity to try out a Hong Kong seam finish. Why didn’t someone tell me that this is the easiest seam finish ever? And a great chance to use up some bits and pieces of cotton.


Hong Kong Finish in cat fabric on the front facing and hem


Bottom 1


For this piece I used  Simplicity 8378 – previously blogged here in a Heathered Ponte Knit from Fabric Mart Fabrics. This was my 3-hour special. From start to finish between lunch and cocktails on a Saturday afternoon. This project was completed on just my serger and coverstitch. And the hem looks marvellous, if I say so myself.

IMG_0269Last time I made these I wound up having to cut them down, so this time around I used a smaller size. I once again added an inch to the length and now they’re way too long. Oh well. These are going to be perfect travel pants. Not particularly stylish, but comfortable. And not jeans.


Bottom 2

I went back and forth on the 2nd pair of pants and wound up using a Bottomweight Stretch Pique from my stash for Butterick 6526. I liked the pants in this pattern because of the side panels, the buttoned back pockets, and the chance to make a front fly. And I like this fabric because it looks crisp, but has lots of crossgrain stretch.



Back pockets are probably spaced incorrectly because of the shift in the side panels. But look – buttoned pockets!


These pants are a mess.  I’m not going to spend a lot of time chronicling all of the problems, but I think it was a combination of a pattern that isn’t drafted well, and fabric that may have too much stretch (although the pattern does call for a stretch woven). I’d feel okay about them if they weren’t wide and short (even though I added 2 1/2″ to the length). This is not an attractive length or cut for me. I believe the length issue is because the rise is too high for me, so they’re hiked way up.

Since I was messing around with these so much I tried to replicate RTW waistbands with a Hong Kong finish. I was only half successful, but it was still easier than slipstitching and I got to use some of the cute bias tape I had in my stash.


Attempt at Hong Kong finish on waistband


There were wins. I made a pretty darned good mock fly zipper first time around with no picking of stitches (Wonder Tape is amazing), I love the back pockets, and I made pants … real pants!

I may try these again in a stretch denim or twill with a bit less stretch. What am I saying? Why bother. I’ll try a different pattern.

Top 1

Grainline Lark – already blogged here

I made this 3 weeks ago and have worn it about several times already. There will probably be at least one more version in the next week or two.


Top 2


Simplicity 8337

Ugh. To coordinate with the navy pants we have the goldenrod top. My goal was to make View B, the cold-shouldered top. I like the length of the sleeves, and this is just a fun style.

I used a cotton knit and got through the project very quickly. There is one small error in the pattern as it doesn’t list “trim” on the notions list for View B. Fortunately I had something that matched perfectly.

In under 3 hours, I was at the final step – attach the binding around the edges of the shoulder and sleeve. I’ve whined on Facebook already so will give the Cole’s Notes version: The sleeves were too wide. The cotton binding stretched. Elastic didn’t work. Shortened binding didn’t work. Solution? Cut off the damned sleeves. Okay, maybe my fabric didn’t have enough recovery –  but I used cotton jersey and that’s what the pattern envelope suggested. Who knew there were different types!

fullsizeoutput_131eDisappointing, but wearable. I’ll keep the pattern and may try it again using an ITY or something with much more recovery, but will more likely use the basic top for something colour blocked (there is a front centre seam).

Top 3


And the lovely Liberty. I’m already dreaming of what to buy at Liberty in a couple of weeks. There will be another.


My Entry

So as I said in my original post, I know I won’t win but I have several new things to take on our holiday and wear to work or on weekends. That’s a win 🙂

After I clean up the sewing room it’s time to take on workout wear. Or maybe a pair of jeans. Or how about that pink heathered sweater knit?

Collage 3Collage YellowCollage 1


On the sidebar is a link to the Contest Entries. No need to vote for me. Please take a look at the many creative and beautiful entries. All of these were made in just 6 weeks.

4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Contest Follow-Up

  1. I think you did a great job, Janine, and you learned several things during the process, so it is a win all around! I think this is a very solid entry. Going to Liberty? Swoon……


  2. Love the coordinated wardrobe, and you did a fantastic job. That Liberty print is to die for, and you made the shirt to perfection.
    “The chance to make a front fly”…. is a term only an enthusiastic seamstress would understand.


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