Plans for Wardrobe Contest

I swore I wouldn’t enter another contest. I never win, and frankly, that pisses me off. Okay, I know that I have no where near the talent and skills of the winners, but it still annoys me.

wardrobe_ientered_200pxBut the timing is right for the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest. We’re going on holiday later in the spring, and I want to make several new garments (actually, I have a very bad habit of wanting a whole new wardrobe for whenever we travel).

Before I even committed to the RTW Fast, I thought about how I would handle things like this, and truly, it’s a great exercise that has forced me to be more strategic in not only my fabric and pattern shopping, but also my sewing plans. At the same time, I’m being honest with myself about which patterns and looks work on me, and which ones do not. (There’s a whole ‘sewing/personal identity philosophy’ blog post coming on just that topic.)

The Wardrobe Contest runs from 1-February through to 15-March. I’m already running late!

Here are the 6 required garments:

  • A Topper
  • 2 Bottoms
  • 3 Tops

The topper has to work with all of the tops and all of the bottoms. Each of the tops has to work with at least one of the bottoms. Pretty simple.

All of my patterns are relatively simple and straightforward. Comfort is key. None of these garments will stretch my sewing abilities, but I’ll need to stay focused to complete one item about every 5 days (!). Fortunately we don’t have a social life so I have my weekends …

Here’s what I have planned:



For the topper, I want a longer jacket or cardigan. I purchased a dove grey (my very favourite neutral!) Ponte de Roma that is definitely more cardigan-weight. I’m not sure if I’ll go with View A from Butterick, or the long Simplicity cardigan. But that hip length one with a tie is interesting and would fit well under my rain coat.

Bottom 1


The straight legged version of these pants in this dark heathered grey Ponte. I’ve made these pants before. They’re super comfortable, the right length, and they have pockets. Bonus: They’re sewn entirely on the serger and cover stitch.

Bottom 2

The current plan is to use the dove grey Ponte de Roma to make the straight skirt (View D) from the Butterick Pattern above, but I’m also considering a pair of athleisure capris instead.

Top 1


I love this Art Gallery fabric. It’s called “He Loves Me Abloom” and is a vibrant pinky/red with gold flecks on the flowers that are the exact same colour as Top 2. The dove grey fabric goes perfectly.

For the pattern I’m planning to use the very popular Grainline Studio Lark Tee, likely in 3/4 length sleeves with the V-neck. Another pattern option is the Deer & Doe Plantain (my version 6).

Top 2


This fabric is also a cotton knit, so it will be a t-shirt in some shape or form. The yellow in the pattern photo is leaning me towards the cold shoulder top, but I may go with View D instead.

Top 3


I bought his Liberty of London Tana Lawn close to 2 years ago, and have almost cut it several times, but it just never seemed right. Last week I made up a version of McCalls 7575 (blog post to come) and I can finally visualize this fabric in a particular pattern. Cotton isn’t always ideal for traveling, but it will wash up well in a sink and dry overnight hanging over a hotel tub. I suspect I’ll make View C with the collar from View B.

Bonus Items (or Contingencies)

This week I ordered a grey/pink heathered lightweight sweater knit and that is destined to be made into a pullover.

For bottom options, I have a couple of yards or a really nice stretch bottom weight in Navy. They have enough stretch to be made into Jalie jeans.

Before you say, ‘this looks pretty simplistic’, let me just state this. I know I will not win. There will be someone whose entry includes a perfectly tailored Chanel jacket; lined wool pants with leather trim; skirt made of wool that they personally sheared, carded, dyed and spun; a handpainted silk blouse; a sweater with 10,000 beads; and an origami blouse using a pattern that they personally drafted. That person will win.

But I’ll have a suitcase full of new clothes for my holiday :). And I’ll have made space for fabric shopping while we’re away. That’s really winning.

Are you doing any wardrobe planning, or participating in the PR Contest?


8 thoughts on “Plans for Wardrobe Contest

  1. Janine, You make lovely garments that flatter you.
    I enter PR contests only if they fit my sewing schedule at the time. Over the years I have learned that it is really a popularity contest. I never expect to win.
    I like your wardrobe plan. I will be blogging about mine plans later this week.
    I have some events that I need the items for!
    I have done a duster. And am working on a top right now. then on to a linen skirt, hopefully to be ready for tonight!
    Susan (BajaSusana)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you, Susan! I agree about the contests, it seems like the same people always win. I’m such a sap – my votes usually go to the entrants who set a stretch goal and did an excellent job for their personal skill set.
      Am I correct in recalling that you had sewing machine issues? I’m looking forward to seeing your makes and the rest of your plans!


  2. Janine, this will make a beautiful wardrobe. I especially love the Liberty fabric. I’m voting for the hip length simplicity pattern for your topper. Can’t wait to see it finished. And I think getting all this done in time for a vacation makes you a winner !

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    1. Thanks, Lisa! I think you’re right about making the topper in the mid-length. It will be so much more useful. I looked at all of the projects & am starting with the topper tonight, then the Liberty next.


  3. I really enjoyed this post. The fabrics you’ve chosen are lovely and will be great with the patterns you’ve chosen. As someone else commented, just having this wardrobe will make you a winner!

    I, too, am in for the contest, but have NO expectation of winning. I blame never winning on my poor photography! We don’t need to talk about the fact that I’m a hermit who doesn’t need and, therefore doesn’t make, show-stopping Chanel jackets, beaded blouses or hand-carded woolen skirts! (I loved that paragraph!)

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