Productivity : New Look 6380

I’ve surprised myself by making a pair of pants and two skirts in a few hours, all from one pattern!

New Look 6380 is a Knits Only pattern for wide-legged pants and 3 skirts in different lengths. All versions have an elastic waistband.



I needed a pair of pants to wear around the house in evenings and on weekends (my Atlanta Falcons fleece pyjama pants get a bit boring), so decided this would be my first attempt at a casual knit pant. Think wide legged yoga pants.

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman Laguna Stretch in heather grey. Cotton Jersey (95% cotton, 5% spandex) with 50% 4-way stretch. Lightweight, but enough body to be a bottom weight.

Adjustments: By mistake (or maybe it was hopeful thinking), I bought the A size of this pattern, which only goes up to a size 18. So I added an inch to the waist (grading to the size 18 hip). Since this pattern only has a few pieces (front, back, waistband), it’s easy to make adjustments.

I have a true 32″ inseam, and although the pattern indicates that the the finished length is 32″, it is not – so I added 2.5″ to the length and there really isn’t a lot of length to spare.

Cutting and sewing was quick and easy. I actually did all of the seaming on my serger. I used my regular Brother machine to baste the waistband, and hem (using a twin needle).

Fit:  These are super comfortable, super fast pants perfect for very casual wear. Because they’re knit, and they are supposed to fit, I found these easy to fit. That bit of stretch makes up for a lot.


We headed off to the Caribbean for Christmas and I have realized that skirts are cooler than shorts, so used the same pattern for a couple of short skirts. The skirts were sewn on the serger, except for the twin-needle hem on my regular machine.

Fabric:  Art Gallery Morning Walk by Leah Duncan. Cotton Jersey (95% cotton, 5% spandex) with 50% 4-way stretch. A bit lighter weight than the pants fabric, but just about perfect for a skirt or pair of leggings. Not heavy enough for pants, IMO.

Adjustments:  I made the same waist adjustment as on the pants. (The pattern shares the waistband pieces so that made things easy.)

Again, I have long legs, and I also don’t have the beautiful legs of a 19-year old – so I added 3 full inches to the skirt. As it is, the skirt is still short, but with this extra length I felt comfortable. This was about the perfect length for walking around islands.

I messed up my first attempt at using the twin needle on the hem, so had to slowly unpick the hem. Tedious!

The second version was made exactly like the first, except I added the ribbon tie in the waistband as suggested in the pattern. (The ribbon is placed in the casing with the elastic.)

Fabric for version 2 was another Art Gallery jersey knit – Sprayed Blooms Subtle – with the same content as the other skirt. This particular fabric had a tiny bit more heft than Morning Walk, so it was even better for a skirt.

Fit: The fit for the skirts was just about perfect. Although the pattern is designed for knits, there is enough wearing ease that both skirts are comfortable to wear. Put simply – the skirt isn’t skin tight.

I would definitely use this pattern again. All 3 garments were cut and sewn in a full Sunday of football. Not bad, considering I spent about 3 of those hours fighting with my sewing machine and serger. And I will absolutely buy Art Gallery fabrics again. The prints are just beautiful!


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