ASG Atlanta

I’m on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.

I stumbled upon ASG at the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo in 2015. I did an online search and found out about ASG and the many different neighbourhood groups that meet regularly.  Because I work full-time, I decided to attend a Saturday morning group that focuses on garment construction.

There is a huge misconception that the sewing guild is mostly quilters. While our group of about 320 has plenty of members that quilt, the vast majority (about 80%) sew garments. Members do sew quilts, but they also love making bags, crafts, home dec, and more members are joining to learn skills for Cosplay.

My experience has taught me that ASG fills an integral role by creating opportunities for face-to-face interaction between those who sew. Before I started sewing again in earnest I took a “returning to sewing” class at a local sewing machine store so I would lessen my mistakes and frustrations. We all know that it’s vastly easier to understand how or why to do “X” if someone is there beside you, demonstrating and guiding. That class and the continuing education received at ASG events is key to my improved sewing skills. And it is so wonderful to find people who understand the language of sewing and know where to find the best fabrics and notions.

If you live in an area where there is a chapter of ASG and would like to connect with other sewists in real life, I hope you’ll attend a meeting or two!

Plenty of people do not have chapters in their area so I encourage you to get together with others who sew. Organize a sewing day at a local library, sewing store or craft store. Put together a Frocktales event and invite the sewing community. Publicise on Facebook, Instagram and in your blog or YouTube vlog.

Please join us if you’re ever in Atlanta. We have some great activities upcoming including a couple of workshops with nationally known sewing educators. I’ll post and tag info here in the future. And if you’d like me to follow-up directly with you, just fill out the form and I’ll reply. I promise I won’t spam you or add you to a list … because I hate it when that happens! is the National website where you can search for local chapters