A bit about me and this blog

Like a lot of people raised in the 60s and 70s, I had a mother who sewed and then was required to take a semester of sewing in Home Ec where I learned to make a stuffed frog filled with dried beans, and a smock top. But it was by being fearless and just cutting and sewing with abandon that I became a pretty good sewist in my twenties. My problem was that I was impatient. I’d set unrealistic deadlines, rush through a project and wind up with something that wouldn’t survive more than one visit to the laundromat. Then my social life improved and I quit sewing.

When I married and moved to the U.S. I brought my garage sale machine and stuck to window treatments and quilted handbags. We moved every couple of years, criss-crossing North America so that meant plenty of opportunities for valances, panels and pinch-pleats. Machines were slightly upgraded and I bought a serger. Gradually the houses and projects became a bit more elaborate and the epitome of my home dec experience was hand beading yards and yards of silk for a 12 foot high window. And when we moved again about 2 months after that project was done, I said ‘enough’ and put away my machines.

In 2015 I discovered Marie Kondo and her joy in tidying up and vowed to surround myself only with things I loved. The problem was when I would go into the stores I couldn’t find any garments I loved. So I started sewing again. I’m imminently more patient and finicky than I was 25 years ago, but more than that, I have discovered real joy in the whole process.

This blog is my sewing journey.