A bit about me and this blog

I grew up in a time when people sewed. My mom sewed, she made most of our clothes. And schools thought it was important to prepare kids for real life (not just university) so life skills like sewing, home economics and shop were part of the required curriculum.  I enjoyed sewing, and working with needle and thread seemed natural. I was never really a particularly skilled sewer, but I was fearless (like when I made a bikini with neither pattern nor knowledge of how to sew knits), and sometimes foolish (spending a week’s rent on silk organza for a button down blouse, when I had no idea how to sew a button hole). I sewed off and on through my 20s but I was impatient. I’d set completely unrealistic goals and wind up with something that wouldn’t survive more than one trip to the laundromat. As my social life and paycheque improved, my interest in sewing diminished.

When I married and moved to the U.S., I brought my $25 garage sale sewing machine and just sewed the occasional window treatment or bag as we moved across the States.

In 2015 I discovered Marie Kondo and vowed to surround myself only with things I love. I’m a serial shopper, so it was depressing to spend every Saturday shopping only to find that there was nothing that sparked joy. Either the colours were ugly, or the prints were appalling, or the fit was horrible. There it was – the impetus to sew again. Not only am I filling my closet with stuff I love, I discovered joy in the whole process.

This blog is my sewing journey.

My birthday
At my most stylish, courtesy of mom’s Singer.