A bit about me and this blog

This blog is a chronicle of my projects as I strive to become a ‘good’ sewist.

I was born in and spent most of my life in Calgary, Canada. My mom sewed, so I learned the basics of sewing from her and the requisite Home Ec classes in junior high. I sewed in fits and starts from my teenage years through my 20s. I was never really a particularly skilled sewer, but I was fearless (who needs a pattern?) and sometimes foolish (spending the rent money on fabric) but more than that I was impatient. I’d set completely unrealistic goals and wind up with something that wouldn’t survive more than one spin around the washing machine. As my social life and paycheque improved, my interest in sewing diminished.

When I married and moved to the U.S., I carried my $25 garage sale sewing machine and used it only to sew the occasional window treatment or bag as we moved from house to house.

Sewing suddenly came back into my life in 2015 when I discovered Marie Kondo and vowed to surround myself only with things I love. For years I had spent every Saturday buying clothes only to find that there was nothing that sparked joy. Either the colours were ugly, or the prints were appalling, or the fit was horrible. There it was – the impetus to sew again. Now I am not only filling my closet with stuff I love, but I’ve also discovered that the whole process brings me a bunch of joy.

Had I not found the wide world of sewing on the internet I don’t think I’d have stuck with it because this is a rather solitary pursuit. I ‘ve learned so much from sew-alongs, YouTube videos, bloggers and seeing all the sewcialist creativity on Instagram. Thanks to all who share, create, post, reply, comment, and inspire.

Hope you’ll follow along on my sewing journey.

My birthday
At my most stylish, courtesy of mom’s Singer.